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Zhejiang Xiaoshan "Knocking on the Door and Guarding" Action

In response to the significantly increasing trend of aging, aging, disability, and empty nest population in the street area, the "knocking on the door protection" action for elderly fire safety in Xiaoshan Beigan Street has been officially launched, and smart smoke sensor installation work has been carried out as soon as possible. As a product partner, Setwell strictly controls the quantity and quality of installed smoke sensors and actively cooperates with the smooth progress of the "knocking on the door action".

Zhejiang Ninghai Xidian Town Intelligent Fire Protection Project

As a pilot area for smart firefighting, Ninghai vigorously promotes the construction of IoT firefighting projects. Xidian Town implements government listing and rectification of "low scattered" enterprises, "three in one" places, and "group rental houses" in the area, and promotes the comprehensive implementation of smart firefighting safety rectification by creating "model houses". By 2020, Xidian Town will comprehensively carry out the centralized investigation and rectification of fire safety hazards, and use various ways to ensure the installation of equipment such as the high-rise building descent retarder, intelligent Charging station, intelligent wireless independent smoke fire alarm, etc. for the rectification of fire safety hazards in the town. As an intelligent hardware manufacturer, Setwell actively cooperates with the project implementation and deploys intelligent firefighting operations from point to surface in all aspects.

Ancient Architecture Protection Plan Yellow Crane Tower, the first floor of Jiangnan in the world

Protecting historical and cultural buildings and creating intelligent fire protection in scenic areas is the unshirkable responsibility of Setwell. Satwell intelligent fire protection products have been protecting Yellow Crane Tower for 4 years, and have been responsible for the protection of ancient buildings.

Representative cases

Yangpu District of Shanghai builds "community brain" perception management

The Siterwell LoRa intelligent smoke sensing product has become an important component of the "community brain" fire monitoring. So far, tens of thousands of sensors have spread throughout the entire community, and through centralized management on the platform, data barriers are broken down, greatly improving management efficiency.

Intelligent Fire Protection Project in Yinghai Town, Beijing

To further promote fire prevention and control work, and further improve the fire warning and air defense capabilities of various vulnerable groups and elderly people over 60 years old in the jurisdiction. So far, the installation of networked smoke detectors has been carried out in Yinghai Town, Daxing, Beijing. As the product supplier of the project, Setwell actively cooperates in the implementation of the installation work, improves the fire hazards in the area, enhances the fire protection level, reduces the possibility of fire accidents, reduces property losses for residents, and cooperates in further promoting community safety construction work.

Ancient Architecture Protection Plan - Lu Xun Native Place, the Hometown of the Calligrapher

Lu Xun Native Place, as a famous tourist attraction and ancient building protection project in Zhejiang Province, fire prevention is the top priority. Setwell is committed to the protection and prevention of ancient buildings, providing full time protection with a series of intelligent fire protection products.

Smart Fire Protection Renovation of Nine Small Places - Changzhou Elderly Care Home in Jiangsu Province

Elderly care institutions provide living and living care for elderly residents, with complex environmental scenarios. Setwell and Changzhou Elderly Care Home in Jiangsu work together to promote intelligent fire management in elderly care institutions.

Representative cases

Swiss Embassy IoT Security Project

Setwell adheres to the innovation and rigor of German technology and has successfully entered the Swiss Embassy in China. The products entering the embassy are the Setwell Wireless IoT Gateway and intelligent photoelectric smoke and fire detection alarm.

Qingyundian Intelligent Fire Protection Project

In order to eliminate potential safety hazards and create a livable living environment in Qingyundian, Beijing, carried out the installation of intelligent smoke detectors. The smart security products in the nine GSM small places of Satwell officially cooperated with the intelligent fire protection project in Qingyundian to provide networked smoke fire detection terminals and control gateways, thus changing the status of fire management in the region, strengthening the rectification of safety hazards and reducing the probability of major accidents.