Zhejiang Ninghai Xidian Town Intelligent Fire Protection Project

As a pilot area for smart firefighting, Ninghai vigorously promotes the construction of IoT firefighting projects. Xidian Town implements government listing and rectification of "low scattered" enterprises, "three in one" places, and "group rental houses" in the area, and promotes the comprehensive implementation of smart firefighting safety rectification by creating "model houses". By 2020, Xidian Town will comprehensively carry out the centralized investigation and rectification of fire safety hazards, and use various ways to ensure the installation of equipment such as the high-rise building descent retarder, intelligent Charging station, intelligent wireless independent smoke fire alarm, etc. for the rectification of fire safety hazards in the town. As an intelligent hardware manufacturer, Setwell actively cooperates with the project implementation and deploys intelligent firefighting operations from point to surface in all aspects.

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