690 1st Generation Fire Alarm Control Panel GS690UL 864 Approved


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Product introduction

separate safety protection forhigh & low voltage circuits
max. 64 panels for networking& monitoring
max. 2 loops/254 addressable devices &40 configurable zones supported
label function supported



Power Supplye
Operating voltage AC(110~220)V, 50/60Hz
Mains supply Current-Limit 2.1A
Mains supply fuse 4A/AC-250V-slow-blow(20mm)
Power supplye 28.5V DC@3.5A
Standby battery maximum capacity (2xDC-12V) 12Ah
Maximum battery current drawe 1.2A@maximum  operating  temperature
Charging Circuit 28V,±2% Nominal
Battery fuse 1A-resettable(electronic fuse)
Battery fault threshold voltage <DC-20V
Quiescent current 100mA @ DC28.5V
Addressable loops 2
Number of connected devices per-loop 127
Loop:current(max) 100mA @40ohms(max)@24V-DC
Loop monitoring Open-and-short-circuit
Configurable audio/visual alarm groups(max) 7
Non-addressable audio/visualalarm device drivere 220mA (Line Drop:2.4V)
Non-addressable audio/visual-alarm-end-of-line resistore 10KΩ
Alarm zone monitoring Open and short-circuit
Alarm zone voltage(max) DC-24V
Alarm zone fuse 1A resettable(electronic fuse)
Ancillary Outputs
Number of programmable output relays 3
Ancillary fire-C/O-rela 2x(1.0A@DC30V)
Auxiliary supplye DC24V @1.35A




Smoke alarm

Gas alarm

Heat alarm

CO alarm

Combo alarm

Water alarm

CO₂ alarm


Door-Window Detector

PIR sensor



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