GS525A Smoke Alarm


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See fast and slow burning flames
Distinguish normal smoke from fire smoke
UL authoritative certification
False alarm rate less than 1%
Over 10800 self checks per day
Faster response



Model Number: GS525A                        
Power Source:DC 3V(built-in )                   
DC Standby Current: ≤8uA
DC Alarm Current: ≤50mA
Alarm Sensitivity: 2-3%/ft OBS(UL)
Comply with standard: UL217-8
Alarm Volume: > 85dB(A) @ 3 meters.
Low Voltage Threshold: DC 2.7V±0.1V
Silence time: 8±1 minutes
Battery service life: 
Humidity Range:≤ 85% relative humidity (RH)                      
Working temperature: 0ºC to 40ºC
Size: 100mm in diameter x 35.1mm depth 


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