GS365 Radiator Thermostat


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Provide comfortable temperature and reduce energy waste
With rotatable LCD display and large characters, easy to see the working status and real-time temperature
Day and night two working scenes, energy-saving and comfortable
The running noise is less than 30 dB, less than the sound of the second hand of the alarm clock
0.2 ℃ precise control, 5~30 ℃ wide temperature operation
Advanced window-opening detection function to avoid energy waste



Power input:DC3V(AA×2, Alkalinity)
Maximum current:≤100mA
Setting temperature:
Automatic mode:5~30℃
Manual mode:5~30℃
Anti-freezing mode:5~15℃
Measurement intervals:Once every 2 minutes
Temperature step:0.5℃
Temp accuracy:under room temperature
Valve stroke:Maximum 6 mm
Noise level:<30 dBA
Environment:-20~65℃, ≤95%RH Non-condensate
Environmental standards:RoHS
Interface nut:M30×1.5mm
Weight: 192g (Include batteries)


Smoke alarm

Gas alarm

Heat alarm

CO alarm

Combo alarm

Water alarm

CO₂ alarm


Door-Window Detector

PIR sensor



Control panel

Firefighting accessories

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