GS245 Smart CO2 Air Quality Monitor

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3-in-1 multifunction:  CO2  concentration, temperature  and humidity  
Using NDIR infrared carbon dioxide sensor, more accuratewithfaster response.
With ambient light detection function, the screen brightness can be adjusted automatically.
Touch button, swipe to switch among multiple modes, humidity, temperature and time display.
24 hours and 7 days CO2 history data record, left and right swiping to see graph.
Easy switch between °C and °F  
LED flashing prompts and  voice prompts  



Working voltage:DC5V (Power adapter 5V/1A)
Standby current:<50mA
CO2 Measuring range:400 ~ 5000 PPM
Accuracy:±50ppm±5% Read value (Note 1 and Note 2)
Pressure dependence:+ 1.6 % reading per kPa deviation from normalpressure
CO2 Measure resolution andresponse time:1 PPM;  T63 < 60s
Temperature range:5°C~50C or 23°F~122°F
Temperature measurementerror range:士1°C or 1.8°F
Humidity measurement range:0.0%~99%RH
Humidity measurement errorrange:士5% RH
Product service life:10 Years (End of product service life display "EOL")
Conform to the standard:BS EN 50543-2011 AC-2014/CEEMC ROHS
Overall dimensions:99mm*99mm*36.1mm
Product weight:Net weight 230士10g


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