GS599A Remote Inspection 2-in-1 Smoke and Heat Alarm


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Simultaneously detecting smoke and temperature for more comprehensive protection
10-year ultra long product service life
Remote maintenance, simple and efficient, cost saving
Dual emitter and single receiver chamber,fewer false positives and faster response
Pollution compensation, automatically adjust sensitivity
Equipped with buzzer self check, compliant with Q2.0
Dismounting check to prevent unauthorized interference
Wired interconnection and wireless interconnection



Battery lifetime:10+1 years
Battery type:CR17450, Lithium manganese, 2400mAh (Built-in)
Sensor type:Photoelectric 、NTC thermistor
Wired interconnection:YES, 24pcs
Operating Temperature:0~+40℃
Operating Humidity – Relative:25-95%RH with no-condensation
Wireless type Module:RF868 module
Reporting time :<= 30S
Number of interconnected devices:48pcs, interconnected and mutually reported with gs198 gateway
Safety and performance standards:EN14604:2005/AC:2008 , BS 5446-2:2003   SGS(tentative)


Smoke alarm

Gas alarm

Heat alarm

CO alarm

Combo alarm

Water alarm

CO₂ alarm


Door-Window Detector

PIR sensor



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Firefighting accessories

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