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      Smart  Radiator  Thermostat  (GS361A-H04),  using  dry battery power supply, without wiring, easy installation, for the temperature control of warm water radiator, provide comfort- able temperature, reduce energy waste, save the cost of heating users. This product has a built-in zigbee® (Tuya) wireless communication module with low power and LCD display screen. It can be used individually and can be added to the TuyaSmart APP to make it an intelligent thermostat. After joining  the  TuyaSmart  system,  you  can  select  the mode, set the temperature, set the child lock and set the window  detection  function  in APP. Any  operation  at  the device side will also be synchronized to APP, such as setting temperature manually.


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APP & Voice Control

Al Voice control: Amazon Alexa, Google Home
Use the following voice commands:
Turn up/Turn of
Temperature setting
Turn up the heat
Turn the heat up to 25 degrees
Turn of the heat
Turn the heat up ive degrees for me

Anti-freezing and Anti-scaling

Anti-freezing:  When  the  device  detects  that  the indoor temperature is less than 5C, it will automatical-ly run the anti-freezing function to prevent the water pipes from being frozen and cracked. Anti-scaling: The device will automatically switch the valve on and of once a month during the warm season (April. Mav. June) to prevent the valve from accumulating scale. and avoid clogging.

Window detection and linkage with other smart devices

Window detection: Open window detection function, when the window is detected open, the device will close the valve for 30 minutes to stop heat dissipation and redu heat loss External Temperature Reading: Receive the temperature readings directly from the connected room thermometer. Scene linkage: Linkage of door and window sensors, when the door/window is detected to be open, automatically close the valve: linkage of PlR sensors. when the room is detected to be occupied, automatically turn on the "at home" temperature.

Group Control Function

Combine devices in diferent rooms to form a control group for simultaneous control.

Zigbee 3.0 StandardCompatible

Works with Zigbee 3.0 gateway to connect to WiFi.

Smart Temperature Calibration

The device is installed on the heater and the temperature  collected  is  somewhat  of  from  the  actualtemperature of the room. You can set the temperature ofset to improve temperature accuracy

Smart Schedules

Set the target control temperature for 7 days and support 6 timeslots to set the temperature daily for automatic temperature control.

Tuya APP &Historical data query

New TuyaAPP UI, Intuitive and lexible operation, and added functions such as historical data query.

Child Lock

Open the child lock function, you can lock the keys on the device to prevent misuse by children, resulting in abnormal operation of the device,i.e., reduce heat loss.




Power input: DC3V(AA×2, Alkalinity)
Battery life: 2 years
Standby current: ≤100μA
Maximum current: ≤800mA
Protocol: ZigBee®
Wireless distance: ≥30meters @in an open air
Setting temperature: Automatic mode 5~30℃
Manual mode 5~30℃
Anti-freezing mode 5~15℃
Measurement : Once every 2 minutes.
Valve stroke: 6mm as longest
Noise level: <30dB(A)
Environment: -20~65℃, ≤95%RH Non-condensate
Environmental standards : RoHS
Size: Φ57×89mm
Interface nut: M30×1.5mm
Adapter: M30×18.5mm;M30×8.8mm;Φ41×23.5mm;
Weight: 192g (Include batteries)


Smoke alarm

Gas alarm

Heat alarm

CO alarm

Combo alarm

Water alarm

CO₂ alarm


Door-Window Detector

PIR sensor



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