Product introduction

GSM Alarm System is very stable that the mainframe use the band of tri-band or quad-band GSM/GPS wireless industry module. GSM Alarm System can be set up 10 couples number for inquiries by receive and control module.
5 couples use for on-site monitoring, intercom, propaganda and so on. One SMS can set many numbers to save the costs of the SMS.
Eight inputs, NC/NO trigger control port, the 1 and 8 input are two-way trigger. Two sets of relay output N.O port, the capacity of relay contacts is 240V AC @3A.
Needn't to connect the computer, easy to use SMS to set the module system. Convenient to remove the alarm number, and modify the control password.
SMS controlling, SMS checking function, and the SMS content in our GSM can be revised. If module is removed or opened, it will send SMS to notify user. Three LED work instruction: GSM signal light, power light, alarm light.
EEPROM information protection, information never lose. Recharge lithium battery inside, if power cut off, it can automatically convert to stand-by battery and SMS reminded, continuous working 24 hours when full charge.
AC & DC dual-use, 24 hours working properly without a break.



Product parameter

Product Name GSM Alarm System Product number GSM01
Certificate   Approval  
Power Adapter DC12V/500mA, backup battery 3.7V/900mA Lithium battery quiescent current ≤70mA
Alarm current ≤500mA GSM frequency 900/1800/850/1900HMz
Working atmosphere Temperature -10℃~ 50℃, relative humidity ≤90% Volume  
LED work instruction GSM signal light, power light, alarm light. Special Function  
Color   Sensitivity  
Size   Weight  



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