Fog machine

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Product introduction

  • Easy for installation and maintenance,
  • long fog hold time,
  • low power consumption,
  • fog liquid oil can be refilled,non-toxic, no residuals and dry fog,
  • visibility automatic control system,
  • anti-damage construction

    Product parameter

    Product Name Fog machine Product number GS906
    Patented   Approval  
    Working Voltage AC 230V/50Hz; AC 240V/50Hz. Heating power 1000W / at AC 120V;
    1150W / at AC 230V              
    Spray Time Setting 15s/30s/45s/50s settable Spray time Appr. 15 sec/time, 4 times at least/ 400c.c
    Average power Consuming < 100W Appr. Preheating Time 30 min
    Spray Amount 800 cubic meters/30s 1700 cubic meters/60s Operation condition Temperature 0~40℃ humidity <90% RH
    Spray Interval Time 5 minutes Weight 25 KG
    Product Dimension 435(L)×192(W)×372(H)    



    Smoke alarm

    Gas alarm

    Heat alarm

    CO alarm

    Combo alarm

    Water alarm

    CO₂ alarm


    Door-Window Detector

    PIR sensor



    Control panel

    Firefighting accessories

    Smart Accessories

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