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Product introduction

  • Back up battery.
  • Uses high quality,non-toxic smog fluid.
  • 400M3/800M3 in 60 Seconds.
  • Can be integrated with other security products.
  • High quality Design.
  • Optional accessories.
  • Smog sensor density control.
  • DVR,Flexible nozzle, GSM dailer.
  • The features of smog machine GS903:

    The smog machine GS903 has been designed for clients who require a no compromise solution. The best is design combined with high performance vapour generation and strong construction.
    The GS903 is ideal for small to medium retail and office locations and high profile commercial applications. The No Compromise has led to the use of extremely strong stylish case. This provides the required sabotage protection and at the same time makes it possible to design an aesthetically pleasing product suitable for the most sophisticated facilities.
    The redesigned and improved electronics offer an advanced test activation facility and the most advanced protection against line voltage fluctuations built into any security smoke device on the market 800M3in 30 Seconds, 1700M3in 60 Seconds Battery backup. More effective pulverization heater Used two solenoid pumps, more capacity smog liquid case Smog sensor density control Calibrated fluid sensor Uses high quality, non-toxic smog liquid Can be integrated with other security products Optional: DVR Flexible direction spray.


    Product parameter

    Product Name Pepper sprayer Product number GS903
    Patented   Approval  
    Power AC 240V/50Hz
    AC 230V/50Hz.
    Warmed up power consumption 1000W / at AC 120V
    1150W / at AC 230V
    Average Power consuming Appr.100W Spray speed 10000 Cubic eet/ min.
    Warm up time   Spray interval  
    Standby time with battery supply   Spray times Appr. 15 sec/time, 8 times at least/
    Eective area Around up to 150 cubic meters Operation condition  
    Product Dimension 297(L) X 136(W) X 435 (H) mm Weight 15.5 kg



    Smoke alarm

    Gas alarm

    Heat alarm

    CO alarm

    Combo alarm

    Water alarm

    CO₂ alarm


    Door-Window Detector

    PIR sensor



    Control panel

    Firefighting accessories

    Smart Accessories

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