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Product introduction

  • Protect high valuable things from being burglary. After installed, when the sensor is being activated immediate spray fog out.
  • The system designed to prevent the un-permissive person like thief, scamp, rascal, entering the importance place like home, office etc.
  • In the surveillance mode, if the un-permissive person enter into the first sensor surveillance area, the system will automatically alarm.
  • If enter into the second sensor surveillance area, the system will automatically spray the pepper.
  • The inductive distance of the first sensor is within 10 meters.
  • The inductive distance of the second sensor is within 1 meter.
  • The alert power is within 100DB.
  • Detection way: digital infra-red pluse and PIR.
  • The spray distance of the OC pepper canister is within 3 meters.


    Product parameter

    Product Name Pepper sprayer Product number GS901
    Patented CE / ROHS patented. Approval  
    Power Battery(12V 2Ah)+ adaptor Remote control 12V 23A
    The spray distance of the pepper canister ≥3m The spray speed of the pepper canister ≥8.5ml/s
    Sensor PIR The PIR sensor distance 6--10m
    Remote control working distance ≥50m Alarm volume ≥100 dB
    Surveillance mode ≤10 mA Alarm status ≤250 mA
    Capacity of the pepper canister 300ml.  Weight  



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