TUYA Zigbee CO detector

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Product introduction

  • Can use alone
  • Alarm tone issued by the alarm is 85 dB at least
  • Low standby current, long battery life
  • Zigbee protocol, safe, reliable, convenient
  • Wireless distance is more than 100 meters
  • Low battery warning


    Product parameter

    Product Name TUYA Zigbee WIreless Carbon Monoxide Alarm Product number GS816A-H04
    Safety standard CE BSI Environmental standards RoHS
    Power input DC3V(AA×2) Executive standard EN 50291-1:2010+A1:2012 standard
    Standby current ≤50μA Trigger current ≤20mA
    Frequency 868MHz Wireless distance ≥100 meters @in an open air
    Alarm volume ≥85dB@1m Silence time About 5 minutes
    Environment -10~40℃, ≤95%RH Non-condensate Alarm concentration 60~90mins@50PPM
    Size 95×95×34mm Optinal
    TUYA zigbee wireless



    Smoke alarm

    Gas alarm

    Heat alarm

    CO alarm

    Combo alarm

    Water alarm

    CO₂ alarm


    Door-Window Detector

    PIR sensor



    Control panel

    Firefighting accessories

    Smart Accessories

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