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Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
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Product introduction
Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
Commercial fire alarm system
Global Certificate:

Product introduction

  • 32 bit processor ARM Cortex-M3
  • Separate individual detection zone fire LED indicators
  • High contrast backlit LCD provides 4 rows of 40
    characters for device and system status
  • Supervised auxiliary DC 24 V output
    (Only use to provide power for Strobes/Horns)
  • Automatic device type-code verification
  • Automatic device detection on start-up
  • Real Time Clock
  • 4 Access Levels
  • Day/night mode configurable
  • 4000 event history log
  • Manual activation of alarm devices
  • 2 unmonitored relay contacts for Fire Alarm Condition outputs
  • 2 programmable non-addressable alarm output circuits
  • Surface mounting enclosure
  • 1 unmonitored relay contact for Fault Condition output
  • Surface mounting enclosure
  • Supports up to 64 Repeater Panels (reserved)
  • Single loop only, single loop expandable to 2-loop, or2-loops
  • 40 configurable zones
  • 127 addressable devices per loop
  • 64 configurable output groups
  • 64 configurable input groups
  • 10 addressable audio/visual alarm devices per loop


    Product parameter

    Product Name Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel Product number GS690
    Certificate UL Standard UL864
    Power Supply      
    Operating voltage AC(110~220)V,50/60Hz Mains supply Current Limit 2.1A
    Mains supply fuse 4A/AC 250V slow blow(20mm) Power supply 3.5A@28.5V
    Standby battery maximum capacity (2xDC 12V) 12Ah Maximum battery current draw 1.2A@maximum operating temperature
    Charging Circuit 28V,±2% Nominal Battery fuse 1A resettable(electronic fuse)
    Battery fault threshold voltage < DC 20V

    Quiescent current

    100mA @ DC28.5V
    Addressable Loops
    Addressable loops 2 Number of connected devices per loop 127
    Loop current(max) 100mA @40ohms(max) @24V DC per loop Loop monitoring Open, short-circuit and Ground
    Power Limited      
    Audio Alarms      
    Configurable audio alarm groups(max) 7 Non-addressable audio alarm device driver 220mA (Line Drop: 2.4V) (Total)
    Non-addressable audio alarm end-of-line resistor 10KΩ Alarm zone monitoring Open , Ground, and short-circuit
    Power Limited      
    Alarm zone voltage(max) DC 24V Current Rating for Regulated,mA 22
    Current Rating for Special Applications,mA 220 Alarm zone fuse 1A resettable(electronic fuse)
    24-Aux Output (Use to power Strobes/Horns Only)      
    Nominal output voltage, Vdc 24 Recorded Voltage range for compatibility, V 17.2-27.7
    Maximum circuit output current,A 1.35 Current Rating for Regulated,  A 0.135 (max 1 NAC device)
    Current Rating for Special Applications,A 1.35 (max 10 NAC devices) Max line Impedance (ohms) 2 (per loop)
    Ancillary Outputs      
    Number of programmable output relays 3(Power factor 1) Ancillary fire C/O relay 2x(1.0A@DC30V)
    Ancillary Inputs      
    Evacuation start/stop Non-latching, voltage-free    
    Terminal Wiring 28 -14AWG (0.5~+1.6)mm2 Operating temperature (0~+49)℃
    Operating humidity (0~93)%RH, Non-condensing Storage temperature (-25~+80)℃
    Storage humidity (0~98)%RH, Non-condensing Dimensions(LxWxH) 440mm*354mm*140.5mm
    Weight (excluding batteries) ≤9.0kg Ground Fault Impedance value 0 ohm


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