Input/output Module

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Product introduction

  • Working mode can be set to Input/output mode,
    Input mode and output mode are set by programmer
  • Electronically addressed. The address is
    set and/or modified by programmer
  • Plug-in structure


    Product parameter

    Product Name Input/output Module Product number GS621
    Certificate UL Standard UL864
    Operating Voltage Loop: 24V DC
    Ext.pow.: 24VDC(20VDC~28VDC)
    Standby Current ≤ 0.2mA
    Action Current ≤ 25mA Output Capacity Output contact capacity 0.8A/30VDC, (Resistive Load)
    Output Control Mode Dry contact output Indicator Red, flashes when polling, illuminates in action
    Programming Mode Electronically addressed Address Range One address within 1~127, The second address is automatically increased
    Wiring Polarity-insensitive two-wire Class Type A, indoors
    Environmental Temperature 0℃~ 49℃ Relative Humidity ≤ 93%, non-condensing
    Material of Enclosure, Color ABS, red

    Dimension(L x W x H)

    Mounting Hole Distance 83mm*46mm Weight About 140g



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