Smart Radiator Thermostat

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Product introduction

  • Low-noise gearbox
  • Easy operation thanks to inclined arrangement of buttons and display - even if the device is difficult to access
  • Easy to mount without having to drain any water or intervene in the heating system; no special tools required
  • Suitable for universal use; compatible with the products of the most popular valve manufacturers
  • Ready to use straight away thanks to preset programming
  • Setpoint temperature can be specified precisely and intuitive (to the nearest 0,5掳) via adjustment wheel
  • Can be individually tailored to personal routines - in the week program, for each weekday up to 3 heating phases (7 change settings) can be set separately
  • Automatic frost protection and temperature fall detection
  • Valve protection function: Automatic protection against calcification thanks to regular opening and closing of valves
  • Boost function for heating up the radiator quickly and briefly

    Product parameter

    Product Name Smart Radiator Thermostat Product number GS361A
    Certificate   standard  
    Power 2pcs AA battery Protection Class  IP20
    Input   Signal Type  Zigbee
    Wireless Frequency 868MHz Wireless Distance ≥100M
    Color   Specifications  
    Size   Weight  



    Smoke alarm

    Gas alarm

    Heat alarm

    CO alarm

    Combo alarm

    Water alarm

    CO₂ alarm


    Door-Window Detector

    PIR sensor



    Control panel

    Firefighting accessories

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