TUYA Zigbee Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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Product introduction

  • Temperature range:-15~65℃, accuracy±0.3℃
  • Humidity range: 0~99%RH, accuracy±3%RH
  • With LCD display, easy to check
  • Centigrade or Fahrenheit is optional,
    in accordance with most people's habits
  • The standby current as low as 25uA, long battery life
  • Tuya ZigBee wireless communication protocol, safe, reliable, convenient
  • The communication distance with gateway is more than 30m,
    wide network coverage
  • Press button 3 times to add into the smart system,
    easy to do network pairing


    Product parameter

    Product Name TUYA Zigbee Temperature and Humidity Sensor Product number GS240A-H04
    Power Input DC3V(AA×2) Refresh rate 10S
    Standby current ≤15uA Trigger current ≤35mA


    Wireless distance

    ≥100meters @ Open area

    Temperature detection Maximum rang  -15~65℃
    Recommended range   0~60℃
    Detect accuracy   ±0.3℃@0℃~60℃
    Humidity detection Maximum rang   0~99%RH
    Recommended range   10~90%RH
    Detect accuracy   ±3%RH@10~90%RH
    Reporting mechanism Temperature change≥2℃
    or Humidity change≥5%RH
    Environment -20~+65℃, ≤95%RH Non-condensate
    Size 66×61×32mm Weight 52g
    Protocol TUYA zigbee    



    Smoke alarm

    Gas alarm

    Heat alarm

    CO alarm

    Combo alarm

    Water alarm

    CO₂ alarm


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    PIR sensor



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