• VDS
  • NF
  • UL
  • LPCB
  • BSI
  • CCC
  • ROHS
  • CE
  • SAI
  • TUV

LPCB Fire Smoke Alarm

  • Battery DC 9V battery operated
  • Liftetime 10 years life time
  • Chamber Photoelectric chamber for early detection from all directions.
  • Volume Loud>85dB(A)alarm signal @3M
  • Signal Flash alarm indicator(red LED), Low battery signal

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The description of photoelectric smoke detector:

1. Test button for easy recommended monthly testing.
2. Safety clip feature, not allow mounting without battery installed.
3. Ceiling or wall mounting, Easy to install with mounting bracket.

GS506 series photoelectric smoke detector:

GS506 photoelectric smoke detector(tested by EN14604:2005 version).
GS506F photoelectric smoke detector, NF approval(tested by EN14604:2005 version).
GS506G photoelectric smoke detector, KRIWAN approval.

Our product suggested by Germany local TV station:
LPCB certified smoke alarm

Our product choosen by Afnor for their website:
LPCB certified smoke alarm

Why choose photoelectric smoke alarms?

Photoelectric smoke alarms are much faster at detecting this dangerous situation than ionisation alarms. Studies have shown that photoelectric alarms typically respond to smoky fires within about three to five minutes — when the level of smoke is still fairly low and escape is relatively easy. Most ionisation alarms take much longer — up to 20 minutes or more — by which time there’s enough smoke to significantly reduce visibility, making escape much more difficult.

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