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  • LPCB
  • BSI
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  • SAI
  • TUV



Sigfox is dedicated to giving a voice to the physical world, thanks to our dedicated network.

The service focuses on:

  • Simplicity : No configuration, no connection, no signaling

  • Autonomy : Very low energy consumption, allowing years of autonomy on battery without maintenance

  • Small messages : No large assets or multimedia, only small messages

Sending a message

There is no signaling, nor negotiation between a device and a receiving station.
 The device decices when to send its message, picking up a pseudo-random frequency.
 It's up to the network to detect the incoming messages, as well as validating & deduplicating them.
 The message is then available in the Sigfox cloud, and forwarded to any 3rd party cloud platform chosen by the user.

Messages can be sent to the device as well. For energy efficiency reasons, every communication is instigated by the device.
         This means that the device is not passively listening possible incoming data, but stays idle 99.x% of the time
         A device can ask for an update from a network. Then it will go back to sleep from 20 secs, before starting to listen to a specific frequency.
         The downlink message can be either a static one (hardcoded, or updated through API call), or a dynamic one sent instantly by the user's own application server.